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This picture shows the area that we cleared in preparation for bringing utilities on the property. We were anticipating that we would receive the approvals to bring utilities on the property this spring. Rather than receiving a call that we were approved to start installing utilities, we received a call that our permit had been denied. Apparently our engineering firm submitted the wrong permits. They did not realize that we had �exceptional value wetlands.� After much discussion, we decided to bring our utilities in along our lane. Although it is considerably farther, we can avoid the wetlands. It seems that things have been moving very slowly. This week, however, a representative from the DEP, came to the property. He seemed very amiable, and had a desire to solve our problems. He is scheduling a higher level DEP individual to come to the property and review our options. We would love to start installing our utilities this fall. The home is nearly completed, and we would love to be able to move in as soon as possible. Please pray that God�s would show Himself strong as we continue to develop this camp property for His glory.

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