Men’s Retreat

September 6-7, 2024

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Registration for the retreat is from 1:15 – 2:00 on Friday afternoon.

The Retreat concludes with supper at 5:00 on Saturday afternoon
Great Fun
Great Food
Great Fellowship
Great Preaching

Pastor Keith SweitzerPastor of Mount Zion
Baptist Church in Denver, PA


Pastor Keith Sweitzer

Pastor Keith Sweitzer was born and raised in York County, PA. He was saved at the age of 5 years old and attended Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Brogue, PA. most of his life. After graduating from high school he attended Bob Jones University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible in May of 1986. After graduation he and Karen were married and became active in the ministry at Mt. Zion in Brogue. Together they led the youth group, discipleship class and visitation. He was also the music director and Karen was the church pianist. In 1997 Pastor Sweitzer moved to Lancaster County and started Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Pastor Sweitzer and Karen have three children: Bryan, Kristi, and Caleb.


Here is a small sampling of the activities you can enjoy. You are welcome to participate in lots of activities or simply sit by the campfire and enjoy good fellowship.


Try your hand at driving some golf balls. The goal is to hit the aluminum rowboat anchored out in the lake.  Not many people are able to hit the boat, but they certainly have fun trying.

Black Powder Gun

If you have never shoot a black powder flintlock gun, you are missing a treat and unique experience. If you have done it before, do it again – just for fun.

Trap Shooting

We provide each man with five shotgun shells and a gun for the trap shooting.  Men may bring their own gun and shells if they want to shoot more than five times.  We also have additional shells available to buy.


Hatchet Throwing

Throwing hatchets can be lots of fun. If there is no line, you can keep practicing until you hone your skills.

Table Games

You may enjoy playing a unique board game. The two games shown here are the Snowman Game and Otrio.

You may want to be careful because they can become addicting.

Lots of other Possibilities

There are lots of other activities for you to enjoy, or you may simply want to sit around the campfire. You could also join some men for an optional prayer time on Saturday morning.

Wonderful Preaching

There is one teaching/preaching session on Friday night and two on Saturday. These are wonderful times to be absorbed in preaching directly to men.


Bring: Bible, pen, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, washcloth, personal items, jacket, & flashlight.

Do NOT Bring: Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, vapes, radios, tape/CD/MP3 players, electronic games, playing cards, or fireworks.

Registration: Registration is from 1:15 – to 2:00 on Friday afternoon.

Conclusion: The last scheduled activity on Saturday is supper at 5:00.

Swimming: SHC requires a T-shirt and knee-length shorts for swimming.

Fishing: A PA fishing license is required to fish in the lake. All fishing is catch and release. You may want to bring a digital camera to prove you are not telling “fish” stories.

Archery: If you would like to use the (12) animal 3D archery course, please bring your own bow (no cross bows) and arrows. We do have two bows, if you would like to use ours.

22 Tournament: We will provide the 22 rifles or you may bring your own. We will provide the 22 shells.

Your Hand Guns: There is one time on Friday and one time on Saturday for you to shoot your own handgun.

Trap shoot: We will provide the first five shells for the trap shoot at no additional charge. If you wish to shoot additional shells, you should bring your own or buy them at the trap range for $7.00 per box.


Price includes: One meal and a snack on Friday, three meals on Saturday, lodging, and all activities. Supper is at 6:15 on Friday evening and the retreat concludes with supper at 5:00 on Saturday.

In Our Cabin

$70 Per Individual

If you have nine or more in your group, you are insured of having your own cabin. If you have less than nine, you may be in a cabin with another church.


In Your RV or Tent

$50 Per Individual

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