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Personal Blessing

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Last summer after SHCM finalized the purchase of the 214 acres, Mrs. Fry and I began talking about the advantages of having ATVs on the property. After camp last summer, the staff gave us a generous gift to put toward a four wheeler. Since that time, we would put aside any “extra” money with the intent of purchasing an ATV. Many months ago, I began to pray that God would provide a four-wheeler with an open front so that Pat could use the four-wheeler while wear a skirt without sitting side-saddle. When we priced the open front four-wheelers, however, we discovered that they were way out of our price range. Recently, we saw a John Deere Buck with the open front advertised at a very good price. We were able to look at the unit the very next day. We bought the unit for less than 50% of its value and that was within our budget. God blessing was not because of my insignificant prayers, but because of His goodness. We serve a great God.

Already the unit has been a great blessing as Mrs. Fry runs errands, paints cabins, prepares food, and delivers snacks on both sides of the lake. To God be the glory.

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