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Reward in Glory

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In the blog one week ago, I described my feelings of being overwhelmed when the men at Faith presented the camp with tools and a tool chest. Yesterday, my feelings intensified.
Gerald Stevens has battled cancer for the last few years. Yesterday was his memorial service. The past several months he was confined to a nursing center as the days of his time here on earth ticked away. His wife, Loretta, faithfully spent time with him in those last months. When Faith sent out an email to the men of the church describing the tool and tool chest project, Loretta read the email to Gerald. After hearing the email, he told Loretta that he would like to be part of that project.
I was deeply touched by this believer lying on his death bed, but still desiring to be part of God’s work. I wish that I could have given him a sincere thank you, but I am confident that his reward in heaven will be a far greater reward than my insignificant gratitude.

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