I have had the privilege of ministering at Servant’s Heart since its early days. While the location has changed, its purpose is the same, and the camp’s impact is stronger than ever! If you are looking for a camp with a personal touch, a great interest in the spiritual well-being of all who attend, and a safe and fun environment, then you need to look at this treasure in Ramey, PA. Many children, teens, and churches have been helped by the ministry of Servant’s Heart Camp.

Alton Beal Ambassador Baptist College

Servant’s Heart Camp is genuinely filled with individuals who have a servant’s heart. From the camp director on down, they seek to serve the Lord from the heart. Their desire to serve the Lord translates into a desire to serve the campers. They look for any way possible to be a blessing to each and every camper. There is definitely an emphasis on the Word of God. The Word of God is preached and taught several times throughout the day. Plus, Bible memorization and meditation is a top priority. Likewise, the days are packed full of exciting activities and delicious meals. If you are looking for a camp that emphasizes the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, Christ-honoring and conservative music, godly influences, and a lot of fun, then Servant’s Heart Camp is the place to be.

Pastor Jonathan Bixler
Fellowship Baptist Church

A Christian camping experience has proven to be one of the larger spiritual impacts on the lives of young people. As an independent Baptist pastor I realize that a camping experience alone will not spiritually impact the lives of my church young people. I want a camp that holds to a high standard in music, godly standards, and a strong emphasis on the Word of God. Since I have been a part of the Servant’s Heart Camp the past nine years I am convinced that this camp meets our spiritual needs. Our church congregation has been blessed to have experienced junior camp, teen camp, teen winter retreats, men’s retreats, and some ladies retreats. We appreciate the godly atmosphere and professional programs offered by Servant’s Heart Camp.

Pastor Paul Haasz
Southwestern, PA

Servant’s Heart provides exactly what we want for our teen summer camp. The camp staff work diligently and cheerfully to create a friendly and godly atmosphere that removes distractions so that spiritual growth is accelerated and where decisions for Christ are made. Although the delicious meals, exciting games, and fun activities are memorable, they all revolve around the preaching of God’s Word and our responding to it. We will be sending our teens to camp again this year!

Pastor Stephen Minion
Maranatha Baptist Church

I had the privilege of speaking at Servant’s Heart this past summer. I appreciated the great atmosphere of the camp. It is conducive to God working in hearts and effective ministry of the camp staff. It was easy to preach there and the campers were responsive. I recommend the camp to your consideration.

Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen

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