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“Portable” Utilities

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As you know, we do not have utilities here on the camp property this summer. Maybe you are wondering what it is like without them. It can be interesting sometimes being without those conveniences that we are so accustomed to, but I have become convinced that human beings can adapt to their surrounding quite well. We are very thankful for the many things that people have given to us to make this summer easier.

Right now we have 7 generators throughout the property that provide electricity at different times throughout the day. Both the girl’s and guy’s cabins have a generator which they are able to run in the morning, before rally, and at bedtime. The kitchen has a generator, the shed where the rally is held has a generator, and the office has one which runs pretty much all day. We also have one for the speaker to use and one that we use to run the bungee run and obstacle course. Those that sleep in tents or campers either plug into one of the said generators or go without electricity.

As for water here on the property, we go through approximately 40 gallons of drinking water a day. We get ice at the local general store and our water is delivered once a week. There are six water coolers stationed throughout the property. The showers here at camp are both hot and cold. There are two shower tents, one for the guys and one for the girls. Each tent has two big water tanks that sit up the hill from the cabins. There are two big tanks that are filled with water at the neighbors and hauled by the tractor to the tanks. This is almost a daily job…especially during teen camp. The showers work quite well, and we never run out of hot water.

I am guessing that most campers that come would say that the lack of utilities truly is not that noticeable. The kitchen staff probably notices it the most because they have to haul both food and water a mile and a half.

The refrigerators are located down the lane and in the neighbors shed. We are very thankful for our neighbors. They provide both water and a place to plug in our refrigerators and freezers. What a huge blessing! We are also thankful for the donated kitchen trailer, the generators that have been provided and the water pump and tanks used to create showers. Those things have made such a difference this summer.

You now know a little bit more about how things are done here without utilities. Yes, at times it can be a little inconvenient to go mile and a half for that forgotten gallon of milk; or have the generator run out of gas and shut everything down, but all in all things have been working out quite well this summer. To God Be the Glory for how He has enabled us to have camp here in Ramey, PA!

Click here for a few pictures of the “potable” utilities.

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