The Lord has blessed Servant’s Heart Camp above measure since it was established in 2002 and more abundantly since we moved to the new property in 2011. It goes without saying that God does not need fancy buildings to work in people’s hearts. Having the correctly designed buildings, however, can make a huge difference in the ability to meet the needs of campers and to have a place that is conducive for the Spirit of God to work. We have been talking about a lodge for several years. After much prayer and deliberation, the board and I decided to launch a $2.5 million campaign for the construction of a much-needed lodge. We formally introduced the project at our two banquets in April 2021. 

This lodge will house a kitchen, dining room, chapel, game room, camp store, and camp offices. For years we have used facilities that are easily impacted by bad weather. Rainstorms have made eating in the dining tent a wet experience and chapel services a hot and humid experience. The lodge will enable us to provide quality facilities and less distractions for our campers.

The new lodge will have a chapel that will seat almost triple the number of people we can seat in the shed and will provide a space free of distractions so campers can focus on the preaching of God’s Word. It will also free up the equipment shed for its intended use.

The new lodge will allow us to seat about twice the number of campers that we can seat in our current dining tent. It will provide a suitable place to eat during heavy rains and in the winter months.

An updated kitchen in the lodge will be more comfortable and convenient for our staff and will allow them to cook for more campers each week.

A game room in the lodge will protect our games from the elements and also provide a fun place to fellowship and play games year-round.

An organization contacted SHC and indicated a desire to provide a $100,000 matching gift for the Lodge Fund. This gift will match every gift given to the Lodge Fund (up to $100,000) between now and the end of the year. No gift is too small or big. Whether you give $5 or $500, your gift will be doubled.

We announced this project on September 10 and as of December 2, 2021, the Lord has provided


While we are very thankful for reaching this major steppingstone, this is certainly not the end. It is an outstanding beginning to this major project. The real test comes over the next year or two as the excitement may fade, but the need continues to be great. A special thank you to each of you that had a part in this outstanding start to this project. 

To God be the glory, great things He is doing!

As of 1/1/2022, the Lord has provided


This number does include the $100,000 matching gift.

Servant’s Heart Camp was founded in 2002 for the purpose of impacting adults, teens and children for Jesus Christ. By God’s grace we have done that for the past 20 years. Would you pray about helping us in our mission? You may give to the Lodge Fund by clicking HERE. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Check back the beginning of every month for updates on the Lodge Fund!