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Enjoy Cutting Wood?

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We are still reviewing, studying, and analyzing the utility bids and seeking our best options for getting the utilities installed on the property. One of the obvious problems that we need to resolve before signing a contract is finances. We know that God can provide this need and we are waiting for His perfect timetable. Just today, we received a check for $20,000.00. That gift was a huge blessing and a real encouragement, but our need is still great.

One of the other issues that we need to address before the excavators can complete the project is the cutting of trees. The contractor that seems to be providing the best package and also gives us the most confidence does not include tree removal. There are several places (as shown in the picture) that we need to cut and remove the trees before they can install the utility lines. If you would enjoy a day in the cool mountain air cutting wood with eternal values in view, please let us know. You provide the manpower and we will provide your food and lodging.

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