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Praise God!

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After almost two years of praying and working with our engineers, the PA DEP, the US ACOE, and other regulatory agencies, we now have the signed documents from the DEP and the Clearfield County Conservation Office to install utilities on the property. This is a tribute to our great God and an answer to prayer.

We have about 10 days to put together the final details of the drawings and we will be ready to give the plans to excavators to bid the project. We are currently looking for excavators to bid the following lines:
1300’ of 6” water line
1200’ of 2” water line
2460’ with (3) 3” conduits (1) for electric, (1) for telephone, and (1) for a spare
3600’ of 2.5” forced main line
1200’ of 2” forced main

If you know of an excavator that would be interested in bidding this job, please have them contact us.

There will be many additional feet of lines that will be run on the property, but we are hoping to install some of the other lines with the help of our staff and volunteers.

Thanks you for your prayer support concerning this matter. Please continue to pray about the finances for this project and for other significant challenges.

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