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Ben Risinger – Program Director

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We are excited to announce that Ben Risinger has accepted our invitation to move to this area and serve as the Program Director. He has served on the summer staff for the past three years, and we have been very encouraged by his spiritual growth, outstanding spirit, and his evident love for people. As program Director, he will not only run the activities of the summer, but he will also plan, and implement those ideas. Although he will need to provide his own income, he will be spending the entire summer at camp serving the Lord through serving campers.
He will be working closely with Matt Krape who also provides his own income and spent his entire summer serving at camp for many years. Matt’s responsibility is primarily building and grounds, but he will also continue to be very involved in the program with Ben.
Rachelle Krape’s primary responsibility continues to be in the Bear Den. The Bear Den is a vital part of camp.
Pat Fry remains responsible for things in the kitchen as well as the Ladies Retreat and the Joyful Heart Conference and many other various responsibilities.
Jim Fry will continue his responsibilities as the camp director.
Please pray with us as we continue to grow and serve the Lord through serving campers.

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