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Merry Christmas

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Sometime this Christmas season, I would encourage you to read the Christmas story from Philippians 2. In verse 7, we are told how Jesus Christ was made in the likeness of men. To us, that does not sound so bad. The only life we know is the life in the confines of the human flesh-suit. With teenagers I have used the example of a person willing to take on the likeness of an opossum. I don’t know about you, but I think opossums are ugly and disgusting. I would not want to be an opossum. If, however, I were to take on the confines of an opossum it would not compare to what Christ did by taking on the confines of a human being.Not only did he take on the limitations of a human, but He died the most cruel death known to man. Why did He do it? He did it so that you and I could have life, not just any life but ABUNDANT life. Praise God for His sacrifice for us.

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