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Praise God

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Wednesday morning was a very busy morning. We were checking our holes and making them as dry as possible. The building inspector arrived at about 9:00 and approved our holes. We immediately stopped and thanked the Lord for the answer to prayer. A few hours later two representatives from the Clearfield County Conservation office arrived. We were also praying specifically concerning their visit. Our prayer was that they would not stop the construction process until our NPDES permit is complete. When they arrived, I showed them our plans and gave them an overview of the property. Praise God, they gave the approval to start the next building immediately. We were digging stumps on the site within a few hours after they left. That was another specific answer to prayer. On Thursday morning, four men from APM arrived to start building the pole shed. In addition, many friends of the ministry arrived, set up their tents, and began on work projects. On Thursday and Friday evenings, we had a service in the big tent. It was a blessed time to gather together and praise God with the wonderful atmosphere of gas lights. It was a very special. Praise God!

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