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In December of 2001, this camping ministry was officially established as Servant’s Heart Camp Ministries. We frequently mentioned that we would adopt a new and more campy name when we had a permanent property. We would still be incorporated as Servant’s Heart Camp Ministries, but we would simply call the camp property by a different name. Now that we have this new property, we have mentioned the idea of a new name to several people and have received mixed responses. Some people like the idea of a new, campy name while others feel strongly that we should stay with the name that describes the heartbeat of the camp. Now, we are not sure what to do, so we want your opinion. Should we change our camp property name? Also, the authorities would like us to name the road entering the property. We have the liberty to give the road almost any name as long as the name is not already taken in the county. Wow, what a blessing to be able to name our own road. We would like a name that is significant to camp and/or spiritual in nature. It would be great if our road name would relate to the name of the camp. We need your help with this as well. Please tell us what you think. 1. Would you change the name? 2. If yes, what would you name it? 3. What should we name the road? If we choose your suggested camp name or road name, you will receive a $50.00 coupon toward any future camp. We WANT to hear from you, so please give us your creative ideas. Remember, there are no dumb ideas!

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