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Joyful Heart Cancelled

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THE JOYFUL HEART CONFERENCE HAS BEEN CANCELLED! This has been incredibly difficult as we prayed, struggled, and sought the Lord for wisdom in this decision. I also realize that there are many strong opinions on both sides of the issues and each side has some very valid arguments. Last evening, however, the Lord took it out of our hands and made the decision for us.
It has been suggested that we postpone the conference a few weeks or move it to this fall. After considering some of those options, it does not seem feasible. This conference will be cancelled, and we plan to have the same theme for the conference next year on March 20,2021.
We have 200 ladies registered and it will take some time for us to process and refund all the payments. If, however, you would like to transfer your registration money to the 2021 conference, you can go to our website and navigate to the “2021 Joyful Heart registration.” This registration form is not for new registrations, but only to move your registration fee to the 2021 Conference. If we do not receive your change of registration by Monday, March 23, we will start the process of refunding the registration fees. For now, the workshop option will not be listed on the new registration form. Closer to the 2021 conference will give you the option to select a new workshop as not all workshops will be the same. Mrs. Ron Comfort is our scheduled speaker for the 2021 conference.
Not everyone that registered has an email address. Please share this information with others that you know were planning to come.
We know that many of you are very disappointed. We also are very disappointed as we were looking forward to a great day of growing in the Lord. We also have most of the food bought, bins packed and ready to go, and much of the prep work already finished.
Despite these issues we do know and trust that you also know “that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” It is great that we can trust in God’s wise and all-knowing leading.
CLICK HERE to change your registration to March 20, 2021.

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  1. Elizabeth Daley

    Please keep my registration for the Joyful Heart March 21st day as a donation.
    No need to refund. ☺

    1. Admin

      Thank you! That is a blessing. We have LOTS of refunds to make.

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