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2019 Winter Retreat – Save $25.00

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Next year’s winter retreat is different in several ways. We have a new retreat center reserved – Camp Susque. It will give us more beds, more room in the dining room, and more space for inside and outside games.
We have also added a one-day option for those that are unable to come to a retreat that starts on Thursday evening.
Now for the $25.00 discount – Over the next year, we would like to continue making improvements to our registrations system. The registration for this winter retreat has some changes and improvements. We are trying a more streamlined registration and payment system, but we are not sure how well you think it works. For the first two people to register and pay online for the winter retreat with this new system, we will take $25.00 off your registration fee. We simply ask you to send a separate message and give us your comments on the new procedure. Only one discount per family.

CLICK HERE for the 2019 Winter Retreat

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