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SHCM – Satellite Image

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A few months ago, we were told that Google had updated the Satellite image of our property. More recently, we took the time to explore the amazing image surrounding the property. If you have access to Google Earth or Google Maps, I would encourage you to look around the property. Go to Ramey, PA and scroll north east until you see the lake. The image was taken on October 6, 2011, and it has amazing clarity. On the North side of the lake, you can see the dock with the canoes, rowboats and kayaks stacked beside the dock. If you look to the west, you will see the mobile kitchen and the picnic tables that we used this summer. Continue to the west and you will see the roof of the equipment shed. The shed was our meeting room this past summer. The trail to the west of the shed is the Houtzdale Rails to Trails. That trail is the western border of the property. From the equipment shed move east and just a bit north and you can see the guy’s cabins. On this picture, two cabins are under roof and the third has only the foundation walls. If you now move north-east you can see our shale pit. The day of this photo, one of our faithful volunteers (Bob Jefferis) was working on the property. You can see that he had our Ford Backhoe and our John Deere tractor and wagon beside the shale pile. His white truck is over by the house. If you move south-west, you can see the girl’s cabins. Once again, two are under roof and the block walls are up on the third. You can also see the white frame of the shower tent. Just a few weekends earlier, the canvas of the tent was taken down for the winter. If you cross the lake, you can see the director’s home. Do you see the big spot of no trees near route 253? That is a large beaver dam. I could even give you a few more details, but that gives you a good overview of the property. Enjoy! Praise God for providing the property and thanks Google for providing the picture.

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