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1st Cabin Started!

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This week, we poured the footers for the first cabin. We are now waiting for pricing from two local masons to lay the foundation walls. As soon as we pick a mason, we will watch for a week of 30-degree temperatures so we can lay the walls. After the foundation walls are up, we plan to immediatly begin framing the cabin.
A special thanks to the three people shown in the picture.
John Duerksen – John is an independent contractor with a real passion for ministry. He has given us a VERY attractive labor rate, and he is able to accomplish a great deal of work each day. He has already worked on the shed, the home, and this cabin footer. He will be orchestrating the framing of this cabin as soon as the masons are finished.
Bob Jefferis – Bob is a retired farmer who would rather work than sit and grow old. Since we first met early in December, he has volunteered at the camp several days almost every week. He has cut wood, hauled shale, wheeled concrete, helped John, and various other tasks.
Nathan Fry – Nathan has spent countless hours on the property in the past months and has become very proficient on the backhoe. He also has been involved in almost every aspect of the process of developing this property.
These three men have been a tremendous blessing. Others have also been a real blessing but it is hard to take pictures of someone giving a word of encouragement or sending sacrificial gifts. A special thanks to each of you that have supported Servant’s Heart in so many ways.

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