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2022 Ladies’ Retreat

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Could I ever tell lots of stories about the challenges leading up to this retreat. There were numerous cancellations the last couple days and scrambling to adjust rooms and teams.  The speaker was on a plane that the landing gear was not working. But it was okay because the pilot told the passengers not to be alarmed about all the emergency equipment on the ground. Mrs. Fry’s phone quit, and she lost her communication.  One lady came and had to almost immediately be taken to the emergency room. BUT in spite of the challenges God did His work and it was an outstanding time for the ladies.  There were numerous comments about how God worked in hearts. To God be the glory, great things He is doing!

CLICK HERE for a few pictures of the weekend.  Keep in mind that if there are some pictures that you do not understand, they had a crazy game or two throughout the weekend.

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