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Property Tax Exemption Update!!

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Many of you have been following with interest our request for property tax exemption. After the hearing, we did receive the paper work. My interpretation of the documentation was that our property tax burden was reduced but not eliminated. After praying and discussing with the board, we decided to appeal that decision. The option for appealing was listed on the bottom of the documentation that they sent us. This week, I called the Clearfield Courthouse to begin the appeal process. The first lady I talked to seemed confused, so she transferred me to another department. After looking up the documentation, she informed me that we were totally tax exempt. Because they have very few hearings requesting property tax exemption and many requesting lower property tax, they use the same form. On that from it has listed a reduced amount, but in our case that line did not apply. She referred me to the next line on the form which indicated that we were exempt. To God be the Glory!

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  1. Tim Brubaker

    Great news! Praise the Lord!

  2. Haasz family

    Praise God! What a blessing.

  3. Heidi Haasz

    Praise the Lord! A great answer to prayer=)

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