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Before camp, Mrs. Fry spent a few minutes “checking out” the new watermat. We thought the kids would like it, but we had no idea how much they would LOVE playing on the water mat. Each week it is used heavily and on weekends the staff uses it during their free times.

With money that was given from Vacation Bible School offerings, we bought the watermat, an additional kayak, and “9 square in the air.” All three of those items have been used a great deal this summer. We enjoy watching the campers having great fun with the new events.

Recently, a Bible School asked what new event they could raise money to buy for next summer. We told them to raise money for a Ga-ga Pit. Ga-ga is a high energy game of dodging, striking, running and jumping with the object of hitting opponents with a ball below the waist while avoiding being hit. We look forward to using it next summer.

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