Mission Critical

Mission Critical Retreat

August 8 – 10, 2023

For young men ages 16 – 26

This is a very unique retreat and includes character-reinforcing competitions and events, challenging scenarios to reinforce perseverance and leadership, and sessions emphasizing the Biblical definition of true manhood and the calling of Christ!

Registration for the retreat is between ??2:30 & 3:30?? on Tuesday afternoon.

The retreat concludes on Thursday afternoon at 4:00 – We don’t want to go much later or we will need to include supper.

What to Bring:



Rugged Clothes – You may wear shorts, but be advised this is not a retreat for sissies.

For many retreats, we ask you to bring nicer clothing for the evening rallies. You do not, however, need to change for this retreat.

Sleeping bag/ pillow – You may be sleeping outside one night

Spending money for milk shakes or other items in Bear Den (Optional)

Personal items

For typical camps, we ask you not to bring knives, but you may bring your knife to this retreat

Do not Bring:


Alcoholic beverages



Playing cards




Cell phones ( you can bring them, but we will collect them at the beginning of the retreat)


Bad attitude

David Clingaman

The cost for the retreat is $75.00 and includes six meals, two snacks, and all activities.

Be prepared for fun, excitement, strenuous activities, and spiritual growth.

The cost for the retreat including six meals, two snacks, and all activities is $75.00