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2023 Men’s Retreat

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This past year’s men’s retreat was very special, and I am already excited about next years. We received some very goof suggestions at this year’s retreat, and we expect to implement several of them. Why don’t you put the dates on your church calendar and plan to join us.

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I looked for a picture that would represent this past year’s men’s retreat. I could not find one that fully represented the fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth of the retreat, so I decided to post a generic picture that was taken that weekend.

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  1. Paul Haasz

    I assume the word “goof” mentioned above in the Men’s Retreat blog, was intended to be the word “good”, but spell-check changed the word. Ha ha ha.
    Maybe some of the suggestions were “goofy” …. ?
    My church men and I had a very enjoyable time at the retreat.

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