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2022 Summer Camp

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There is still room for you!!

Here is the listing of the availability for the upcoming camps.

TEEN CAMP 1 – Room for a few campers from churches that already have campers registered for Teen Camp 1

TEEN CAMP 2 – Room for nine girls and four guys

JUNIOR CAMP 1 – The girls is fill, but we do have room for 6 guys

FAMILY CAMP 1 – Both cabins and RV sites filled

FAMILY CAMP 2 – Cabins are filled, but we still have one RV site available

JUNIOR CAMP 2 – Room for eight girls and six guys

TEEN CAMP 3 – Room for 10 girls, but guys are filled

TEEN CAMP 4 – Lots of room for girls and guys

Don’t Delay – Register Today!

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