We acknowledge that the COVID- 19 pandemic has and is continuing to impact the ministries of Servant’s Heart Camp.  We want to keep our friends, supporters, campers, and parents updated as to what we are doing at Camp.  We plan to update this page each time that we have any significant updates.

May 15, 2020

Here is the short story. The Young at Heart day on June 12 is cancelled, but all teen, junior, and family camps are open!
For the longer story click THIS DOCUMENT

May 5, 2020

One step closer! Although we are still waiting for several more pieces of the puzzle, Governor Wolf’s announcement to take our county from “Red” to “Yellow” reopening puts us one giant step closer to having camp this summer.  With some slight tweaks, the 25-person group limit would allow us to have our staff training the first two weeks of June. We are still waiting for the CDC recommendations for overnight camps.  Please pray that God would orchestrate the details and we would have godly wisdom in the weeks ahead.

If we need to limit the size of our camps this summer, we plan to cancel campers based upon the date that they registered.  The earliest ones to register for a given week will be the last ones that will get cancelled. We still have room for you!

April 25 update

We have already canceled five events during the month of March and April, and we are prepared to cancel future events if that becomes necessary.  We have also already rescheduled our spring workdays.

We desperately want to have camp this summer, but we are carefully monitoring many areas to determine if that is the right thing to do. We do plan to cancel or postpone the start of camp if we believe the health of our staff, campers, or the campers’ families would be significantly impacted. We also plan to cancel camp if the Federal and State authorities require safety precautions that we are unable to meet.

If we would be limited to 50 people, we are already exploring options to make camp a reality.  Although we typically only have about 50 campers each week, we have an additional 20 – 25 staff.  We can share more on this option if it becomes a strong possibility. 

We still encourage campers to register for camp. We are prepared to refund the campers fees or give an attractive discount for rolling the registration fee into next summer’s camp if we do cancel camp for this summer.  Although we would typically be spending the registration fees to prepare for this coming summer, we are carefully keeping registration fees separate so that we are able to make refunds if that should become necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please pray that we would have God’s wisdom as we move forward during this difficult time.