Men’s Retreat

Men’s Retreat
September 3-4, 2021

Pastors are FREE with five other guys from your church!

Pastor Duane Boyer – Independent Bible Church of Duryea

Click HERE or on the picture below for pictures from the 2020 Men’s Retreat.

Bring: Bible, pen, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, washcloth, personal items, jacket, & flashlight.

Do NOT Bring: Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, radios, tape/CD/MP3 players, electronic games, playing cards, or fireworks.

Registration: Registration is from 2:15 – to 3:15 on Friday afternoon. If you are unable to arrive by 3:15, come as soon as you can and join the fun.

Conclusion: The last scheduled activity on Saturday is supper at 5:00.

Swimming: SHC requires a T-shirt and knee length shorts for swimming

Fishing: A PA fishing license is required to fish in the lake. All fishing is catch and release. You may want to bring a digital camera to prove you are not telling “fish” stories.

Archery: If you would like to use the (12) animal 3D archery course, please bring your own bow (no cross bows) and arrows.  We do have two bows, if you would like to use ours.

22 tournament: We will provide the 22 rifles or you may bring your own. We will provide the 22 shells.

Your Hand Guns: There is one time on Friday and one time on Saturday for you to shoot your own handgun.

Trap shot: We will provide the first five shells for the trap shoot at no additional charge. If you wish to shoot additional shells, you should bring your own or buy them at the trap range for $7.00 per box.

Questions: Please call 814-497-4100

 Address: 422 Servants Heart Dr. Ramey, PA 16671

Here is a small sampling of the activities you can enjoy.
You are welcome to participate in lots of activities or simply sit by the campfire and enjoy good fellowship.

Price includes: One meal and a snack on Friday, three meals on Saturday, lodging, and all activities.  Supper is at 6:15 on Friday evening and the retreat concludes with supper at 5:00 on Saturday.



Our Cabins

Groups of nine will have
their own cabin.

Groups of eight or less may be combined
with other groups.

Cost – $60.00 per person

Includes four meals, snack, lodging and activities.


Your Camper, Tent, or RV

Cost – $45.00 per person


To download a registration form CLICK HERE.