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September 8 – 9, 2017

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Dr. Allen Griffith

Biblical Family Ministries

As Executive Director of Biblical Family Ministries, Dr. Griffith preaches on the family and other Biblical topics at churches, camps, conferences and schools. He and Mrs. Griffith carry on a counseling ministry at the BFM Ministry Center in Myerstown, PA. Through BFM, Dr. Griffith has produced a growing variety of tapes, booklets and books on the family and other topics of concern.

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Bring: Bible, pen, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, washcloth, personal items, jacket, & flashlight.

Do NOT Bring: Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, radios, tape/CD/MP3 players, electronic games, playing cards, or fireworks.

Registration: Registration is from 2:30 – to 3:15 on Friday afternoon. If you are unable to arrive by 3:15, come as soon as you can and join the fun.

Conclusion: The last scheduled activity on Saturday is supper at 5:00. Men can leave immediately following supper or stay and enjoy some of the camp activities until 7:30.

Swimming: SHCM requires a T-shirt and knee length shorts for swimming

Activities: Throughout the day on Saturday there will be many activities listed under the “competition” tab. Other activities include canoes, kayaks, hiking tails, watermat, 9 square in the air, OcDoBall, Quad Ball, and the game tent.

Fishing: A PA fishing license to required to fish in the lake. All fishing is catch and release. You may want to bring a digital camera to prove you are not telling “fish” stories.

Archery: If you would like to the 3D range, please bring your own bow (no cross bows) and arrows.

22 tournament: We will provide the 22 rifles or you may bring your own. We will provide the 22 shells.

Your Hand Guns: There are several times built into the schedule for you to shoot your own hand guns.

Trap shot: We will provide the first five shells for the trap shot at no additional charge. If you wish to shoot additional shells, you should bring your own or buy them at the trap range for $7.00 per box.

Questions: Please call 717-808-7992 or 814-378-5838 (Jim Fry’s Home) or contact the camp

Mailing Address: 422 Servants Heart Dr. Ramey, PA 16671

Directions: If you enter 399 Mill Street in your GPS, it should bring you to the entrance of the camp

Throughout the retreat you will have the opportunity to compete in many different activities. If you wish, you can keep track of your scores. The top five individuals in each category will be awarded points. At the end of the retreat on Saturday we will tally the points and the man with the highest point will earn the distinguished title of the SHCM Outdoorsman of the Year. Listed below are some of the activities.

The Chariot
Spear throwing at it’s finest.  Each man will have the opportunity to throw ten spears at ten targets while being pulled in the chariot.

22 Rifle
We will provide each participant with a 22 rifle with 10 shots in the magazine. At the beep, participant may start shooting and must hit (4) six inch targets, (1) four inch target, and (1) two inch target. Competitors will shoot one at a time and we will be recording times. Each person may shoot multiple times throughout the day and we will record the fastest time. Safety glasses and hearing protection is required. Bring your own or we will provide.

Backhoe Ball Pickup
Each man will have multiple opportunities run the backhoe and to pick up five balls and drop them in a five gallon bucket.

3D Archery
The 3D archery course has a total of 10 targets – (5) deer, (1) turkey, (1) fox, (1) ground hog, and two block targets. The archery course may be done during any of the tournament slots on Friday or Saturday. Bring your own bow. No cross bows.

Fishing will be catch and release only or CPR: Catch, Photograph, and release. Fishing may be done from the shore, dock, boats. canoes, or kayaks. Life jackets are required while in any boat. Each fisherman may measure and record his own catch (NO FISH STORIES). A PA fishing license is required.

Up to 5 shooters will be lined up in the designated spots. Score will be based on number of hits. Near the end of the day, all participants with five hits will have a “shoot off” with double clays. Bring your own gun and shells or we will have a few shotguns with shells available.  Our shells are $7.00 per box

Blamzookas are air-powered cannons. You will have the opportunity to do some fun and fancy shooting as you shoot ten tennis balls at the targets. We will record the most hits. You may shoot multiple times.

40 Caliber Blowguns
For this competition you will be shooting darts at a target. You will be amazed at the accuracy. We have replaceable mouth pieces

Carpetball continues to be a favorite game at camp. Carpetball will have a double elimination tournament throughout the weekend.

A double elimination horseshoe tournament will be running throughout the weekend.

9 Square in the Air
On Saturday there will be a 9 square competition. The men that make it to the center position the most often earn points.

Bungee Run
On the Bungee run, we will be keeping track of the person that can get the baton the closest to the end.

A double elimination shuffleboard tournament will be running throughout the weekend.



Our Cabins

Groups of nine will have
their own cabin.

Groups of eight or less may be combined
with other groups.

Cost – $50.00 per person


Your Camper, Tent, or RV

Cost – $35.00 per person



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