Jim & Pat Fry (Director)

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Matt & Rachelle Krape (Property & Grounds)

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Dan & Liz Brubaker (Staff Evangelist)

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2017 Summer Staff


2017 Summer Staff Calendar

  2017 Senior Counselor Expectations

 2017 Senior Operational Staff Expectations

2017 Dress Code Overview

2017 Junior Staff Expectations

2017 Financial Support Overview

Our Conviction

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2017 Senior Staff (post High School) – Online Application

 2017 Senior Staff (post High School) Application – Print and Mail


2017 Junior Staff (High School age) – Online application

 2017 Junior Staff  (High School) Application – Print and Mail


Policy Manual

Our Policy Manual has a pass code, but if you would like more information before
completing an application, please contact us for the pass code.