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Emma Hadley – Baptist College of Ministry

“With your heads bowed and your eyes closed…” Hearing these familiar words, I rose from my seat and silently moved to the back of the chapel, waiting to see which of my campers would respond to the truth preached during that Monday night rally. I have had the privilege of witnessing many decisions during my years at Servant’s Heart Camp. Not all decisions were made after the evening rally, however. During afternoon free time, I would spend an hour or two in talking with my campers in a one-on-one setting. While not every one-on-one results in a significant change in the camper’s life, I can remember several good decisions made, such as the teen girl who got victory over her bitterness, the junior camper who got saved, the teen camper who shared about her rough home situation, and another teenager who created an accountability plan for consistency in her devotions.
Each year that I have been at camp, I anticipate seeing spiritual growth not only in the lives of the campers but also in my own life. As a student at Baptist College of Ministry, I have heard much about victorious Christian living. However, it was during my summers at camp that this knowledge changed from factual to practical. I witnessed the power of prayer when a stubborn teenager accepted Christ as her Savior and when a rebellious cabin got right with God and submitted to their counselor. I gained valuable ministry experience not only from counseling, but also from serving families and interacting with older couples. Finally, I matured in my walk with God because of the focus on personal devotions and the emphasis on public declaration of Bible truth.

Remember that Monday night rally? A teenage girl came out and confessed that she had never actually gotten saved. A few minutes later, we bowed our heads as she accepted Christ as her Savior. I can confidently confirm that there is nothing more exciting than being a channel through which God accomplishes His work!

Kaylyn Hadley – Indiana Baptist College

Hi! My name is Kaylyn Hadley and I am a student at Indiana Baptist College. This past summer I had the privilege of working as a senior counselor at Servant’s Heart Camp. I originally had not planned to work there, but now I am so glad that God changed my plans! Servant’s Heart Camp gave me the opportunity to really get to know and create friendships with my campers, as well as influence each one spiritually—on a one-on-one level. Although there were so many spiritual and physical challenges throughout the summer, it was absolutely amazing to see the spiritual victories that God won in so many campers’ hearts.For me it was definitely a stretching time, both physically, mentally, and spiritually, but it was a time that also included generous doses of fun, both with the campers during the week and with the staff on the weekends. Throughout the summer as I counseled campers, I became more grateful for the parents God has given me, experienced both the challenges and the victories of ministry, and learned just how much I need the enabling of God’s spirit to be able to love, connect with, and influence others. For all that God did this summer, in my heart and in my campers, to Him be all the glory!

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit…” Zechariah 4:6

Nicole Sekol – New England Baptist College

Hello, my name is Nicole Sekol, and I have had the privilege of serving on staff at Servant’s Heart Camp for two years now. I first heard about SHC as a sophomore at New England Baptist College, and I quickly became very interested. I was thrilled that a camp like it even existed! Everything about SHC was entirely conducive to the convictions that I had recently developed while in Bible college.Servant’s Heart provided me the opportunity to exercise a lot of the things that I had learned in Bible college classes and ministries. At the same time, I was spiritually stretched in a way that deepened my dependence on God. I made many new friends and connections, and I am positive that serving at SHC has changed my life for the better. Best of all, I know that the time and energy invested brought glory to God and permanently changed the eternal destinations of so many campers! God is good! I am so thankful for Servant’s Heart Camp.

Rebekah Townsend – Ambassador Baptist College

God afforded me the wonderful privilege to be the camp secretary at Servant’s Heart this summer. While ministering at camp, the Lord opened my eyes to the impact that past bitterness had on my thinking and actions. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow spiritually and minister to others, Servant’s Heart Camp is a great place to learn and serve.

Adam Coffey – Ambassador Baptist College

      Servant’s Heart Camp has been a part of my life for 5 years now. What makes this place so special is the love and care of the entire staff including, The Fry’s, The Brubaker’s, And the Krape’s, for each one who comes aboard for the summer. Four things God taught me this summer are: It isn’t about victory Physically but Spiritually, Do not reject God, Delight and Desire in God’s Word, and Let God do what only God can do (For without me, ye can do nothing).  

Samuel Hanke – Ambassador Baptist College

Camp became fundamental to my summer life from the time I first became age-eligible. From salvation to life surrender, most of my significant life decisions were made during a week of camp at one place or another. My past personal experiences at camp excited me for the opportunity to take part in impacting an entire summer of campers as a counselor. I quickly came to lean on Zechariah 4:6 and its truth upheld me throughout my way. Through continual prayer and diligent effort, God wrought on my behalf and gave me wisdom and strength for every challenge I faced. Though it brought its difficulties, my summer on staff also brought many victories. The practical lessons I learned, whether from observation or personal experience, and the fruit I reaped were well worth the investment. I thank God for opening the door for me to spend a summer on staff at Servant’s Heart Camp.

Ben Risinger – Bremen, IN

     Serving at camp is truly a blessing! My times of working at camp have been some of the most impactful on my life as the Lord has taught me more of who He is and what He can do in hearts. It is always incredible to me when I have been able to witness the Lord work in a camper’s heart and truly change them! The many direct answers to prayer that we have seen from the Lord are incredibly humbling, and also exciting! While there are many various ups and downs throughout the summer, serving at camp definitely proves that ministry is fun!