Summer Staff Testimonies

Sadie Cavett

Indiana Baptist College

My name is Sadie Cavett. I have been a counselor at Servant’s Heart Camp for the past three summers, and each summer has been absolutely amazing! I have gotten to see God work miracles in so many campers’ lives and in my own life as well! When I stepped foot on Servant’s Heart Camp property for the first time three years ago, I knew that there were things in my life that I needed to get right. I knew that I couldn’t be used the way God wanted to use me if I continued in the way I was headed. It was during my first summer when my stubborn will broke, and I got everything right with Him and my parents. Since that moment when I surrendered, I have had a freedom that I had not experienced before, and I have a strong desire to share this freedom with each camper God places in my cabin.

Since that moment when I surrendered, I have had a freedom that I had not experienced before, and I have a strong desire to share this freedom with each camper God places in my cabin.

You will never regret getting right with God! Coming to camp, either as staff or a camper, will give you an opportunity to see the Lord grow you in ways you never thought possible! I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had at camp, and I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do next summer!


Samuel Hanke

Ambassador Baptist College

I quickly came to lean on Zechariah 4:6 and its truth upheld me throughout my way.

Camp became fundamental to my summer life from the time I first became age-eligible. From salvation to life surrender, most of my significant life decisions were made during a week of camp at one place or another. My past personal experiences at camp excited me for the opportunity to take part in impacting an entire summer of campers as a counselor. I quickly came to lean on Zechariah 4:6, and its truth upheld me throughout my way. Through continual prayer and diligent effort, God wrought on my behalf and gave me wisdom and strength for every challenge I faced. Though it brought its difficulties, my summer on staff also brought many victories. The practical lessons I learned, whether from observation or personal experience, and the fruit I reaped were well worth the investment. I thank God for opening the door for me to spend a summer on staff at Servant’s Heart Camp.

Andrew Austin

Baptist College of Ministry

Working at Servant’s Heart Camp this last summer was an amazing opportunity for me both practically and spiritually. The staff and especially the resident staff were an incredible blessing to me personally. Mr. and Mrs. Fry are wonderful people to work under, not because they are perfect people, but because they are humble servants who provide godly leadership for staff and campers alike. The vision of Servant’s Heart Camp is to encourage staff and campers to develop in their personal walk with the Lord through the personal example of the staff, the encouragement to daily meet with the Lord in personal devotions, and through times of corporate prayer. The name of the camp is very fitting because the leadership and atmosphere both encourage and give opportunity to developing a servant’s heart toward the Lord and others.
            As a senior staff member and counselor of the blue team I had many opportunities to gain experience in many different areas of ministry. During teen weeks I had the opportunity to lead a group of seven to ten young men, and during junior weeks I had the opportunity to lead an equal amount of boys ranging from eight to twelve years old. I had the opportunity and responsibility to lead and to a certain degree provide spiritual leadership to the entire blue team which ranged from about twelve to almost twenty young people. I had the opportunity to have almost sixty one-on-one counseling sessions and numerous other counseling opportunities. During family camps I had the opportunity to work personally with a family, connecting with their children and serving the family in any capacity that I could. Also, during family camps I had the opportunity to lead all the junior campers during the split session times which involved teaching them a lesson twice and overseeing games. During every week of camp, I was able to minister through special music opportunities. The many challenges and experiences that I had challenged me spiritually to depend upon God for strength and wisdom, as Paul said, “our sufficiency is of God (2 Cor. 3:5).”
            God stretched and grew me in many ways through working at SHC. Having grown up as a pastors’ kid and going into my junior year of Bible college I knew a lot of truth about God. I had truth and some experience, but my time serving at SHC gave me many opportunities to see God prove Himself to me. Being forced out of my normal routine of devotions because of the different schedule and focus of the camp made me simply focus on having a real relationship with God.

There was no time to fake a relationship with God, it had to be real, and my only option was to believe Him because I had very little else to depend on. The simple reality of God’s presence and grace became a greater reality in my life as I saw God’s deliverance. I got to see God use me despite my weakness and inexperience.

I got to see God answer big and small prayers. I got to experience God’s enabling me to love the unlovable. And I got to see God use me to play an important role in seeing three young boys get saved. God also used the preaching and testimony of others to bring me to deeper levels of surrender and faith. God even used the dislocation of my right shoulder, my dominant arm, to teach me to surrender, trust, and believe God for His grace which is made perfect in weakness.
God used SHC mightily in my life to grow and prove my faith in His sufficiency in the midst of my insufficiency, and I have not regretted serving there for a moment.

Jeremiah Hadley

Indiana Baptist College

     This summer was an amazing summer for me, one that I will never forget or regret.

Spiritually I was ripped to pieces and God grew me and stretched me in many, many ways.

My prayer life was something that God really worked on and convicted me of, sure I prayed everyday after devotions and before most meals, but throughout the summer God has showed me that prayer is something that I need to be doing all the time, and man has it been good, the more I pray the more I want to pray and the more I know about him and more he teaches me. It has also been amazing to see how powerful prayer is and to see the many, many ways that God answered prayer this summer, in giving strength when I had none, in orchestrating things to run smoothly when there was no way it could have gone smoothly and without God, in opening doors that I couldn’t and in just breaking and healing and growing the hearts of the campers. God used this summer in a significant way to change and sharpen my life and I wouldn’t trade this summer for anything.

Kaylyn Hadley

Indiana Baptist College

Hi! My name is Kaylyn Hadley and I am a student at Indiana Baptist College. This past summer I had the privilege of working as a senior counselor at Servant’s Heart Camp. I originally had not planned to work there, but now I am so glad that God changed my plans! Servant’s Heart Camp gave me the opportunity to really get to know and create friendships with my campers, as well as influence each one spiritually—on a one-on-one level. Although there were so many spiritual and physical challenges throughout the summer, it was absolutely amazing to see the spiritual victories that God won in so many campers’ hearts.

Servant’s Heart Camp gave me the opportunity to really get to know and create friendships with my campers, as well as influence each one spiritually – on a one-on-one level.

For me it was definitely a stretching time, both physically, mentally, and spiritually, but it was a time that also included generous doses of fun, both with the campers during the week and with the staff on the weekends. Throughout the summer as I counseled campers, I became more grateful for the parents God has given me, experienced both the challenges and the victories of ministry, and learned just how much I need the enabling of God’s spirit to be able to love, connect with, and influence others. For all that God did this summer, in my heart and in my campers, to Him be all the glory!

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit…” Zechariah 4:6


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