Near the end of 2019, we listed a good number of projects that we wanted to accomplish before the 2020 summer camp season.  We were thrilled with the finances that came in, and we were able to fund several projects before the start of camp this past summer.   The next three pictures are projects that we accomplished early this spring.

This new welcome wall and sign is a huge blessing. Not only is it beautiful but it also provides steps from the parking level to the level of the proposed lodge.
When we got this “new to us” 23 Hp diesel tractor, it cut the time to mow the breast of the lake by 50 percent. What a blessing!
We love the new benches on each front porch. These two men worked very hard but they did take a break to try the new benches, I think they like them.

The following pictures will give you an idea of some of the things that we would like to accomplish before next summer’s camp as funds permit.   

The field of stumps was a forest of trees before the crews came and cut wood.

We mentioned this project last year, but the plot was not ready for us to move forward.  We have had three crews come and work on cutting trees.  They all worked super hard but the last two crews came with chippers and skid loaders. After we cut a relatively few more trees it will be ready for the excavator to dig all the stumps and level the field.  After the field is level, we will need about 30 loads of topsoil.

After talking to the excavator, the stump and leveling part will be about $8,500 and the topsoil delivery and spreading will be about $4,500.   The excavator would not give an exact quote because of all the unknowns.

The money for the first phase & part of the second phase of this project has been provided.

Proposed Trash Cans

It is not uncommon to find trash scattered around the property after any given camp.  A large portion of the problem is that there are not many receptacles around the camp.  We would like to add trash receptacles around the property.  Although we looked at some very attractive park-style receptacles, we opted for epoxy coated steel drums with plastic lids.

Cedar Log Bunk Beds in Cabins

Currently only six of the ten cabins have bunk beds, but we desperately need to put bunk beds in cabins #2 & 6.  In additions to the cedar logs, plywood for the mattress and special fastening screws, it is very time consuming to make these bunk beds.  Matt does not receive a salary from the camp, but he is willing to donate 60 hours (30 hours each cabin) of labor toward making these bunk beds.  With materials and labor that would leave a balance of $4,750.00 for each cabin.
Cabin 2 – $4,750.00          Cabin 6 – $4,750.00

$1,800 has been provided for this project.

Current lighting on left – Proposed lighting in right

Currently we have strings of construction lights to provide lighting and security. We would like to replace one of those strings of construction lights with street lights that would be along the lane to the upper set of cabins.
The cost for the lights, concrete footers, conduit, wiring and controls to the top of the guys cabin area – $4,800.00
To continue to the beginning of the RV sites – an additional $1,500.00  

The money for this entire light project is already committed.

Sample Cabin Sign

Ever since the cabins were little boxes on the blueprint of the Master Plan, we have called them by number – Cabin 1 through 10. We would like to give the cabins names and put signs on each cabin.  We are thinking, the cabins on the “girls” side would have bird names and the cabins on the “guys” side would have animal names. In lieu of birds and animals, we have also considered Bible characters.   We would like to put one sign above each cabin door.  Total cost for signs $450.00

The money for this entire sign project is already committed.

Cordless Tolls

Our current cordless tools are well used, and we would like to step up to a new set of 20 volt cordless Milwaukee or DeWalt tools.
  Five-piece tool set $600.00


Still looking for the perfect project for you to support.  For this one, you can just write any number and add lots of “0s.” Actually, most of the gifts to the lodge have been relatively small, but we are so appreciative of everyone that has given to this project.

Hopefully we can tell you about this lodge at the spring banquets.