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Thank you for your interest in the much needed lodge at Servant’s Heart Camp. We will plan to update this page occasionally as we have something to report.

May 2011 Near the end of May, we received a call that the PA DEP was denying our permit to bring utilities on the property. The engineers had shown wetlands when, in fact, we have “exceptional value wetlands.” This was a HUGE set back, but God was not surprised.
March 2011 Started the 2nd and 3rd cabins. For those very familiar with camp, it was cabin #9 & #5.
February 2011 While Frys were at camp, they lived in an older camper without sewer, running water, or electric. They did have a generator and a porta-potty.
January 2011 Started on the first cabin. It is not a lodge, but we need a place for the campers to sleep
November 2010 Started on the camp home. In addition to the housing the camp office and the camp laundry are in the home. We are planning for the new lodge to have offices and a laundry.
October 2010 Many work teams came and helped with the shed and various other projects. During the camp season, we take out all the equipment and this building serves as our lodge meeting room.
September 2010 We had a backhoe delivered and we started clearing s site for a 30′ x 40′ two story equipment shed.
July 2010 After our summer camp season was finished at Hughesvile, we spent some time at the new property planning and evaluating. We found lots of junk.
June 2010 We purchased 215 acres in Ramey. We bought the land without sewer, water, electricity or buildings. Immediately, we knew that we needed a lodge but first there were some more pressing needs.
January 2010 On January 14, the Frys first visited the property to evaluate the potential for the future home of SHC.