Jim & Pat Fry

Through a unique and God- ordained series of events (see our history page for more details), the Lord thrust Jim and Pat Fry into the camping ministry in 2002.  Since that time Jim has served as  the director, which includes digging ditches, preaching in churches, and everything in between.  Pat’s responsibilities are almost as diverse as Jim’s, but her primary responsibility is in the kitchen where she is responsible for preparing over 10,000 meals and snacks per year.

In 2015, Jim & Pat Fry were able to move into a home on the camp property. In the “off” season the home is used for preparing meals for the various work groups that come throughout the winter.  Both Jim and Pat thoroughly enjoy working at camp.  Jim has often commented that being a camp director is like a kid working in a candy store.  They particularly love seeing children, teens, and adults making life- changing decisions.  It is an absolute thrill for them when a parent tells about the change in their children or a young adult tells about a life-changing decision that they made as a camper many years ago.