Dress Code

Realizing that much of our dress code is subjective, this page is to give a bit of clarification.  One candid male staff member this past summer mentioned “I didn’t see any of the guys looking (at that girl) but I know they were.”  I suspect that the girl thought that she was abiding by our dress code. 

Very obviously meeting a certain dress code does not make a young person spiritual or not spiritual.  Bucking or resisting our institutional standard, however, does give an indication of some spiritual weaknesses in a young person’s character.  Although we believe we have some very good reasons for our camper dress code, we are not legislating a camper’s dress when they are not at Servant’s Heart Camp.

First let’s address the subject of low tops or blouses.  God has given everyone collar bones.  As a simple test to see if a top is acceptable at Servant’s Heart, take three fingers and place your index finger on your collar bone.  Now follow that collar bone and swing your hand over to the other collar bone as shown below.  If any skin is exposed on your chest while moving you hand from one collar bone to the other, the top is not acceptable camp attire.  As you can see on the girl below, the V-neck T-shirt does not pass because some skin is seen below the third finger.  This should be a simple test that you can do before you arrive at camp.   

The next area is knee length attire. Over the years, it seems that “knee length” has become shorter and shorter. There is a simple test that you can do before arriving at camp. Kneel on the floor and see if you skirt or dress touches the floor. If it does not, it is not acceptable attire for Servant’s Heart Camp.

As you can see this dress is not knee-length and does not meet dress code.

Perhaps, we see more issues with shorts. If the shorts do not reach the floor when kneeling, they are not knee length. This outfit does not meet dress code.

Although these shorts are close, they do not met dress code.
These short do meet the Servant’s Heart Camp dress code.

Once again, meeting the Servant’s Heart dress code does not make you spiritual, but we do want to keep Servant’s Heart Camp a a safe environment for all our campers. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us.