Creation/Science Retreat

Cabins filled
Still have RV sites open

August 12-14, 2021

We are very excited about this Creation/Science Retreat.  Bring your family and reinforce your defense of creation and enjoy some of the activities at Servant’s Heart Camp.

The Martins

Dr. Jobe Martin has spent the last twenty years studying the topic of Biblical Creation vs. Evolution, and lectures frequently on the subject. He began his scientific career as a believer in Darwinian evolution, as he had been taught in high school, undergraduate school, and dental school. Some Christian students at the Baylor College of Dentistry challenged him to prove to them that evolution was a complete and accurate explanation for the origin of the earth and its abundance of unique life forms. As Dr. Martin studied the topic, he began to see that most of the world is heavily indoctrinated from their earliest education to believe in an earth formed billions of years ago in the Big Bang, and life which evolved from non-life. Yet, in reality there is very little scientific evidence to back up this version of origins. Over the next decade, Dr. Martin became an expert on the subject and has since uncovered countless pieces of evidence that the Big Bang, evolution of life from non-life, and an earth billions of years old are simply not factually provable, and are in fact, somewhat incredible.
Jobe’s wife Jenna Dee, a retired nurse, speaks to women’s groups and does extensive counseling to women. She also joins her husband in conducting marriage counseling and seminars.
The Martins have two daughters, Taryn and Mirren, who were homeschooled for 12 years. Both are Bible college graduates with degrees in Elementary Education and have recently received their Masters in History Education. They have played an active role in Biblical Discipleship Ministries through hospitality, scripture recitation, and music.

Session 1 – Thursday Evening
• Adults – True Science Confirms the Bible (Dr. Jobe Martin)
• Children – Creation for Kids 1 (Mirren & Taryn Martin)

Session 2 – Friday Morning
• Everyone – Incredible Creatures that Proclaim Creation (Dr. Jobe Martin)

Session 3 – Friday Afternoon
• Father & Sons – Mighty Men of Valor (Dr. Jobe Martin)
• Wives – Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart (Mrs. Jenna Dee Martin)
• Single young ladies & girls – Being a Biblically Beautiful Young Lady (Mirren & Taryn Martin)

Session 4 – Friday Night
• Adults – The Greatness of our Great God: Don’t Lose Your Perspective (Dr. Jobe Martin)
• Children – Creation for Kids 2 (Mirren & Taryn Martin)

Session 5 – Saturday Morning
• Everyone – Amazing Animals of Alaska (Dr. Jobe Martin)

Session 6 – Saturday Afternoon
• Everyone – Creation Evangelism

Throughout the three days many activities will be open, including the Lakeglide, Blamzookas, hatchet throwing, lake activities (with lifeguard for swimming), game tent, 22s, wagon rides, the chariot, and various
other activities.

Listed below are some additional activities that you may enjoy.

  • Biking on Rails to Trails (We have several bikes for your use)
  • Hiking on Rails to Trails or on the many trails on the camp property
  • Fishing (License require for those 16 or older)
  • Boating, canoeing, or kayaking (12 and under must be with an adult)
  • Game Tent (carpetball, fooseball, ping pong, and box hockey)
  • Lake View games (giant tether ball, nine square and stump rope)
  • Campfire – Throw on another log and enjoy the fire


Registration is from 4:00–6:15 PM on Thursday evening (if you cannot make it by 6:15, join us as soon
as you can.) Supper will be at 6:30. The evening rally and first session will begin at 7:30. The retreat
concludes on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 PM.

What to Bring

Bring: Bible, pen, bedding for a queen bed and bunk beds, towels, washcloths, personal items, water clothes,
highchairs, and cribs

Dress: In order to maintain modesty and consistency, we ask that you follow our dress code while at camp.
Ladies: Skirts that cover the knee and loose- fitting blouses or dresses for the evening services. Loose-fitting pants or
loose-fitting knee-length shorts/culottes may be worn for all other activities. No low or sleeveless tops. Dark clothing
required for lake activities (dark T-shirt and knee-length shorts).
Men: Casual pants (not jeans) and collared shirts required for evening services. Knee-length shorts, pants, or jeans
may be worn for all other activities. No sleeveless tops. Dark clothing required for lake activities.

Nursery: No nursery is provided for any of the activities.


The three options include all meals (6), snacks (2), and activities.

Staying in Servant’s Heart Cabin

Adults: $90.00
Teens 12-18: $75.00
Children 4-11: $45.00
Children 3 or under: Free

The minimum fee per family in a cabin is $300.00
The maximum fee for an immediate family is $450.00

Staying in your camper or RV

Adults: $70.00
Teens 12-18: $55.00
Children 4-11: $35.00
Children 3 or under: Free

The maximum fee for an immediate family is $350.00

Driving in for the day

Adults: $60.00
Teens 12-18: $45.00
Children 4-11: $30.00
Children 3 or under: Free