A Cure for Cabin Fever

Our upcoming teen winter retreats are rapidly approaching. I know I know, we will celebrate Christmas and New Years before the retreats, but the retreats will be here before you can say “snap, crackle, pop.” If you have been thinking about registering for the retreats, you better act quickly. The first retreat (January 19-21) only has a few slots remaining. The second retreat (January 26-28) still has 18 openings, but I know of several churches that are considering the retreat. Don’t allow your fever to soar. Register for the winter retreat and Cure Your Cabin Fever. You can register online – click here


Perhaps, you wonder if we have anything to do now that camp is over. Yes, we continue to stay very busy. It is now one week since summer camp, and we still do not have everything cleaned and stored away for next summer.
Both inflatables were waterlogged from the rains the final days of camp. We set them up in the field, washed off the mud, and left them to dry. These and many other jobs have kept us very busy this week.
Hopefully, next week we can work on the schedule, theme, speakers, and brochures for next summer’s camp. We also need to get busy on on winter retreats. As soon as have those project underway, we will start working on the many projects to continue developing the camp property.
We are very busy, but praise the Lord, it is a good busy.