Thank you Temple Bible

This morning about 8:30, a group from Temple Bible Church arrived to work on a cabin. Although the temperature was about 16 and the real feel about 4, they began working on the cabin without any hesitation. The seventeen people split up into several groups and worked enthusiastically. One group worked on the cabin, while others burned brush, and hauled firewood. One gentleman even took the time to fix the starting switch on our John Deere tractor. As it was starting to get dark, they continue working trying to get the complete roof on the cabin before they left. Thank you Temple Bible and friends. You were a blessing. If you would like to see some additional pictures click here.

Fellowship Baptist

Today, a group from Fellowship Baptist was scheduled to come and work on the new cabins. Because of the weather, I was fully expecting to receive a call that they were not coming. The call did not come, and they arrived about 9:00. It didn’t take me long to realize that these fellows came to WORK. They worked quickly and efficiently in spite of the snow. By lunch time most of the men were wet from the melting snow, but still in great spirits. After they had the floor on one cabin, they moved to the next. At that point, the camp director (me) did something very DUMB. I left the hoe of the backhoe in the footer while we were going to quickly change the fuel filter. The glass on the fuel filter broke, and the backhoe will not start until we get a new glass. The men could not finish the next cabin with the hoe in the middle of the foundation. Although I was very humbled the men had a great spirit. The men working on the other side of the lake on some electrical wiring in the house continue to work for several more hours. They are already talking about coming back again this year to continue where they left off. Wow, what a blessing.
This picture does not show all the workers. There were others working on the wiring. Thank you Fellowship Baptist.