Thank You Aaron!

This past Friday evening, we had our banquet at Shady Maple Smorgasbord. It was a delightful evening with great food, silly skits, special music, an update on SHCM, practical thoughts from God’s Word, and some outstanding fellowship. We left the banquet with an extra spring in our step. Numerous people encouraged us in many different ways.

That evening, Aaron Ricker’s parents presented us with a special SHCM pinewood derby car that he made. After he took 1st place in his church’s Pinewood Derby event, he wanted to donate the car to Servant’s Heart. Thanks Aaron.

During the camp presentation, we described a potential new route for the utilities. We are continuing to pursue that route, and this week we had the new route surveyed so it could be accurately added to our AutoCAD master plan. There are still a couple concerns, but our engineers are cautiously optimistic that we could be approved for utilities this summer. Please continue to pray with us.

Thank you Harvest Bible

This was the scheduled work weekend for Harvest Bible Church. The first eight workers arrive on Friday morning and an additional eight workers arrived about 7:45 this morning. The group was very talented and accomplished LOTS of tasks. Here is a partial list.

• Hauled 25 scoops of fill for around cabin 3
• Finished porch on cabin 3
• Finished front and rear walls on cabin 3
• Finished putting sheeting and tar paper on cabin 3
• Put two coasts of polyurethane on knotty pine boards for cathedral ceiling
• Finished front and rear walls on cabin 8
• Finished putting sheeting, tar paper, and metal on cabin 8
• Did most of the electrical wiring in cabin 8
• Put shingles on side roof of home
• Installed kitchen in home
• Dug ditch for corrugated pipe above cabin 10

After working very hard all day, the group left at about 7:15 this evening. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone (except Heather) for your hard work.