Many months ago, Pastor Andy Hawes from Temple Bible Church asked if we could use a large flagpole. Apparently a public school near the church was going through a renovation project and they were not going to reuse their flagpole. Several men from Temple picked up the flagpole and gave it the needed repair. The next problem was transporting the flagpole to the camp. It is a 36’ flagpole with an additional 4’ that goes into the ground. Finally one of the men asked his boss at New Holland Transportation if he could use one of the company’s tractor trailer trucks to transport the 40’ pole. Today, a beautiful 2011 full sized tractor trailer truck brought the flagpole.

For now, we will store the flagpole, but we already have the location picked. There is some significant excavation and other work required in that area. After that work is completed, we plan to paint the flagpole and install it in a nice retaining wall flower bed.

Notice the short flagpole in the picture. It is made out of 1.5” PVC and it bends in the wind. The new flagpole is tall and strong and comes complete with a lightning rod. Thanks Temple Bible.

Thank You John & John

My Brother, John Fry, is always looking for ways to help the ministry of SHCM. Recently, he asked John Smith of John Smith Real Estate Group about the backstop he was no longer using in his front field. John Fry told John Smith about SHCM and the need for suitable benches around the camp fire. John Smith quickly offered the wood and within 24 hours my brother was dissembling the treated 2X12 and 6X6 posts. A portion of that treated wood is now converted into very nice benches around the campfire. The rest of the wood is waiting for the next project that requires treated 2X12s. This morning we put two coats of paint on the benches, and they are ready for campers.

Thank you John and John.