2014 Summer Camp

Fall has just arrived, the leaves are changing, and the first snow is still months away. In spite of those facts, it is time to think about camp for next summer. Once again this year, there are three teen weeks and three junior weeks scheduled. The information about this year’s African Safari is available on our website. Now is the time to select your week and register for the excitement, the thrill, the adventure, and the delight of summer camp 2014.

2013 Summer Camp

The fact that I have not blogged recently does not mean that nothing is happening at Servant’s Heart Camp. The truth is very much to the contrary. Already this month, we have completed 10 days of staff training, one teen camp, and one junior camp. Even if we do not see one more spiritual decision this summer, this season will have been a great success. We have had an OUTSTANDING start to the summer and we are looking forward to more camps yet this year.

This year, our theme is “Riding the Railroad.” The picture shows a portion of our staff in the costumes they wear to great the campers at the beginning of each week. We still have room for you. Why don’t you come and join the fun Riding the Railroad.