Utilty Installation Continues

In spite of the bitter cold temperatures and lots of snow, the utility installations is moving forward. The picture above was taken on one of the few warm days. All of the gravity sewer lines are installed from the manholes to the collection wetwell, and a good portion of the water lines are installed. Here are a few
more pictures of the progress.

136 Huge Loads of Dirt

For those of you very familiar with the SHCM property, you will remember the very steep hill that went up toward the guy’s cabin area. That was one of the major tasks for the excavators this week. They removed 136 loads of shale with the big excavator and the John Deere 250D earth mover. It is still a hill, but it should be much easier to walk and drive.

Although the excavators experienced some bitter cold temperatures (-10) and some equipment that would not start, they are almost on schedule at the end of today. They are scheduled to return on Monday to begin installing manholes and sewer pipe.