136 Huge Loads of Dirt

For those of you very familiar with the SHCM property, you will remember the very steep hill that went up toward the guy’s cabin area. That was one of the major tasks for the excavators this week. They removed 136 loads of shale with the big excavator and the John Deere 250D earth mover. It is still a hill, but it should be much easier to walk and drive.

Although the excavators experienced some bitter cold temperatures (-10) and some equipment that would not start, they are almost on schedule at the end of today. They are scheduled to return on Monday to begin installing manholes and sewer pipe.


A little over one month ago, we signed a contract for an excavator to begin installing phase 1 of our utilities. Once again the progress has been a bit slower than we were anticipating. Shortly after we signed the agreement, the excavator sent “spec sheets” for the components of the utilities to the Muddy Run Regional Sewer Authority for their approval. Although technically this step was not required, it was an extra step of cautiousness and courtesy to Muddy Run. After the Muddy Run engineer reviewed all those documents, the excavator was ready to take the next step.

Today a representative for the excavator came to begin the stake out. He uses a very expensive GPS system to accurately locate where all the utility lines, wet well and manholes should be located. After this step is completed, we will be ready for the preconstruction meeting . That meeting will include the excavator, the utility companies, Clearfield County, Rails to Trails, and at least one neighbor that granted us an easement.

Unless severe weather prohibits, the excavator is planning to begin installation as soon as all the “preliminaries” are completed. We serve a great God and it is exciting to see this next phase of developing this camp property moving forward.