2012 Staff

In many ways, it is hard to believe that it has been one month since the staff has arrived. We are thankful for the godly staff that is serving with us this summer. Many of them are outstanding examples to the campers.

We sincerely appreciate those that uphold this ministry in prayer! Yesterday, a pastor assured me of the continued prayer support of that church. Today, a check in the mail with a note reminded me of the prayer support of God’s people. Please continue to pray for God’s power for the remaining weeks of camp as well as the continuing situations with the development of the new property.

The staff has three different outfits they wear on the first day of camp. The first is the theme outfit shown in the last blog. After they remove their theme outfits, the counselors wear their red or blue team shirts. The operational staff wears green shirts. For the evening rally, the staff changes to the staff polo shirts (shown in photo).

Staff – Ready for Campers

Each year the campers are welcomed to camp by our staff dressed in costumes to match the theme for the year. This year our theme is “Hidden Treasure” and the two teams are Gold Diggers and Silver Seekers. The picture shows our staff dressed in their prairie outfits.

We have already had an incredible summer. Our first week was a teen week and it was exciting to see God working in hearts. We are currently in a junior week. Just tonight a 12 year old boy came to tell me that he had received Christ this afternoon. Wow, what a joy. Praise God.

Although I have not taken much time to blog recently, there is much happening at camp. Please continue to pray for God’s Work here in Ramey.