Stream Crossing

The excavators installed the waterlines and electric conduit under the stream. Although we were not here when the excavators did the stream crossing, the neighbor told us that there was no mud in the stream while they were digging.

The BBC work team seeded and mulched the one side of the creek. The seeding and mulching still needs to be done on the other side of the creek.

Utility Update

On November 1, just an hour before our fall board meeting, we received the approved Planning Module from the PA DEP. Although we thought that was the final document that we needed to install all the utilities, we now need a Water Quality Management permit before was can start on the Forced Main line to the Muddy Run Sewer Authority’s manhole. With this permit, however, we are now approved to bring electric and water onto the property. In addition, we can install all the gravity portion of the sewer system. It appears that the final permit for the remainder of the installation should come fairly quickly. Although the Water Quality Management Permit does require an engineer’s stamp, it is a relatively short and straight forward application.

As the board reviewed five different bids to bring utilities on the property, it became quickly apparent that there are two reasons that we cannot completely install all the utilities. The first challenge of obtaining the Water Quality Permit seems fairly straight-forward, in comparison to all the other permits. The second issue is finances. Although we have about $150,000 of available money to start the project, we need an additional $150,000 to complete the project. Recently, we visited a camp in another state, and they challenged us to move forward believing God. They had several thrilling stories of how God provided for their needs in spectacular ways. As the board prayed and reviewed the bids, we had to balance faith in our great God with good business practice. On Thursday, November 14, we signed a contract with an excavator to do the first phase of the project. This excavator was recommended by a good friend of the camp. He seems very thorough, and the board spent some time chatting with the excavator via speaker phone. We have in hand almost the entire amount for phase 1. Although it will cost extra money if the excavator leaves and needs to return to the property for phase 2, we in good conscience before God felt we could not sign a contract for a project that we did not have the current ability to pay. Both the board and the excavator would love if we could have the finances to finish the project before the excavator leaves. We are praying about this issue and putting the results into the hands of a Faithful God. Would you pray with us?

In addition to the needed finances, we also have need for volunteers. The bid does not include several portions of the project. It does not include the reseeding of the areas where they are installing pipe. Because most of digging of phase 1 (1280 ft.) is on other people’s property, we want to be very careful to leave the properties in equal or better condition than when we started. In addition, the final hookup of the water and sewer is not made to each of the cabins. We are looking for volunteers to help with the digging and installing of these lines. Although we do have a backhoe, there are several other pieces of equipment (mini-excavator & Skid-loader) that would be helpful for this project. Would you prayerfully consider how you could be a part of God’s Work at Servant’s Heart?