Bunk Beds

After a long day this past Saturday, eight additional sets of bunk beds were installed in cabins. The time spent on Saturday, however, was just the tip of the iceberg of the time spent on the beds. A special thanks to those that helped Matt to strip logs, cut tenons, drill holes, and polyurethane logs. We are thrilled that sixteen more campers will be able to sleep in bunks this summer.

Bunk Bed

It is a major task to take a pile of cedar logs (complete with bark) and transform those logs into beautiful bunk beds. The first step was to make numerous jigs. One jig was designed to remove the bark, another to cut the tenons, another to accurately cut the holes in uneven logs, and another to cut the plywood for the base of the mattresses. After the jigs were made there were HOURS of work to complete each bunk bed. This week, we able to see the result of those hours of work as some bunk beds were installed in several cabins.

Thank you Matt and Rachelle and the numerous people in the York county area that helped make the bunk beds. They are a blessing.

If you would enjoy helping us with the estimated 600 hours of work for the next group of bunk beds, let us know. We would love to put you to work this fall.