Joyful Heart Teaching Sessions

If you were not able to attend the Joyful Heart Conference this past Saturday, you can still get a taste of the blessings of that day.  We recorded all three sessions with Claudia Barba and also three of the workshops.  Perhaps, you were at the conference, but you would like to review what you heard.  Below is a link to listen to the outstanding sessions. Due to some technical difficulties the “Worth of a Christian Woman” workshop did not load.  I apologize to those that want to listen to that session.  CLICK HERE to listen. /

Joyful Heart Conference

We had a delightful time this past Saturday at the Joyful Heart Conference. The decorations, fellowship, wonderful food, skits, camp store, and door prizes all helped to make the day special. The focal point of the day, however, was the careful, biblical, and accurate teaching from God’s Word by Claudia Barba in a way that was very practical for the ladies. We are looking forward to seeing you next year. Click HERE FOR PICTURES