Winter Retreats

We are excited about our two upcoming Winter Retreats. The first retreat is January 27 – 29 and the second is February 3 – 5. We request that if you do not already have teens from your church registered for the first winter retreat that you register for the 2nd retreat. The first retreat is approaching our maximum capacity, so it would be helpful to us that new churches come to the 2nd retreat. Excited about the retreats! See you soon!

Significant Gifts

There have been many significant gifts to God’s work at Servant’s Heart Camp since its inception and particularly in the past year as many folks gave very generous to help with the Lodge Project.  Over the recent Christmas holidays, we received two more very significant gifts.  The size of the gifts was not huge but the excitement of our five- and eight-year-old grandsons was very encouraging as they gave what they had to support God’s Work through the Lodge Project.

Remember that we plan to update the amount of money that we have in the lodge project fund on the 1st of each month.  Go to our website and click on the lodge tab or click this link.