Spring Workdays

Our spring workdays were an amazing gathering of people with a mind to work.  Including staff and children there were about 78 people on the property for either one, two, or three days.  I was too busy assigning jobs that I forgot to take pictures, but for a few picture, click here.  I would really like to finish installing the streetlights and a few other small jobs this week.  I could use one or two guys for one or two day. If you would be able to help, please contact me.

Week-in-Review Videos

If a young person is thinking about camp, one of the best ways to learn about the fun and adventures of summer camp is to watch one of week-in-review videos.  Recently I realized that the videos are buried so deep in our website that many people do not find them.  Last year our theme was “Space Walk” and you can click THIS LINK  to watch the videos.