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We would love to hear your comments about the online youth rally. What was your favorite part? What were your thoughts about the updates? Wasn’t the preaching great? Share your thoughts.

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  1. It was truly a blessing to be able to be online with everyone and have a zoom fellowship! This rally was a great reminder to stay close to the word of God even through trials.

  2. This was such a fun evening and an absolutely wonderful message by Dr. Beal! I loved being able to be a part of this with the technology we have available to us today!

  3. It was awesome to be able to be a part of this interactive Youth Rally! It was wonderful to be able to reunite with campers and other staff members, as well as friends of the camp. Besides the fun auctions and the door prizes, it was good to hear an update about the camp, as well as the testimonies of several campers and staff. I also appreciated the challenging message from Dr. Alton Beal. Thank you to all who were a part of this fantastic evening!

  4. Such a blessing! So glad I could meet more Christian teens who have the desire to serve God like me. Thank you for the message too, such a blessing🙂

  5. It was such a blessing to hear the message about worry and to see some camp friends I hadn’t seen in a while!

  6. My daughter Hope really enjoyed seeing Mr. Fry and Miss Amber. We really hope that both of our kids can attend camp this summer!! The whole rally was fantastic, and Mr. Beal’s message on worry was perfect for young and old alike. Thank you.


  7. The youth rally was amazing! So glad I was able to attend as it was much needed just to get together to fellowship with other believers and those that love Christ. The preaching was great so thank you Dr.Beal and it was really a true message towards what is needed during this trying time. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Servant’s Heart Camp and may Jesus Christ be continued to be praised through the growth of the camp and the decisions made by campers.

  8. I really enjoy the rally tonight I had a blast and I hope that you all do it again And I enjoy mr. Beals message it really spoke to me. thank, caleb OQuinn

  9. Hey, Bro. Fry, I think you all did a great job with this rally. What a challenge to figure out how to make it happen, and you all stepped up. I really liked the different parts of the camp that you showed and telling us about what is to come. The zip line looks very exciting! I liked the campfire you had going to set the atmosphere for people to share testimonies. Thank you Bro. Beal for your preaching. Only one thing missing… you didn’t let us see Mrs. Fry and say hello. 😉 And I had no idea that you were an auctioneer – that was great!

  10. Thank you SO much Mr.Frey!!!! This was super fun just to join and see friends from camp and talk about camp! I can’t wait to see everyone at summer camp!!! Only a couple more months!!!

  11. Thanks for the great rally! Didn’t know how this would work out, but it ended up being pretty amazing! The message, Dr. Beal, was very good. Thanks for the great rally, Mr. Fry!

  12. Thank you Brother Fry for doing this. It was a tremendous blessing.
    Alton, it was a great and challenging message especially at this time.
    In Christ,

    Gary and Ashley Shedal
    Jer. 33.3

    Big Mac Pizza is definitely the best food Mrs Fry has ever made!!!!!!!!!

  13. A great night event for the entire family to enjoy. It was great for the kids to see former camp counselors too. I was excited to see some of our teens from our youth group who have never been to SCHM online to check things out too! A great night full of blessings!

  14. It was great being able to see friends from the camp and meet a few new smiling faces in the breakout rooms. I enjoyed every part of the Rally.

    For The Sake Of His Name
    Adam Coffey

  15. What a timely message by Brother Beal! Thank you to all the people who worked hard to put this meeting together! It was fun and a blessing!

  16. We really enjoyed the online Youth Rally. It was fun listening to Mr.Fry as as auctioneer! 😁 Thank you for the great message and for all the work that went into putting this together for our youth. A great way to spend a Saturday evening!

  17. I really enjoyed the youth rally! This was my first SHC youth rally ever, and it was so fun!! It was so encouraging to see so many familiar faces. Thank you Bro. Beal for the message! It’s easy to worry esp. at a time like this, but God is in control. 🙂

  18. I had so much fun being able to see everybody! The message was just what I needed tonight! God is good!

  19. This was the best! We enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and having some good laughs. We appreciate Nathan’s work and all who made this happen. Thanks to Bro. Beal for the Lord’s message that we all needed.

  20. Great Job! Not the same as Bible quizzing, but still a blessing. I’m still trying to decide my favorite camp activity. It’s either bike riding or splitting wood.

    I miss the shower tents. Nothing like spending a week in the tent, but you need the showers.

    Still hoping to make it up to camp for a work trip in May, depending on how things go the next few weeks.

  21. The best part was seeing the young people from our church as well as many that we recognized from Bible Jump Quizzing.
    We also liked the message that Alton Beal preached to the young people. A message that even relates to senior citizens such as us.
    May God bless you Jim Fry and SHCM.

  22. The youth rally was great tonight and much needed to just get together with others who love God. Thank you Dr. Beal for the great message since it is especially needed during this trying time. I can’t wait to see what the future of Servant’s Heart Camp is going to be like and may Jesus Christ be honored and glorified through all of the updates, decisions and years of future service for our King.

  23. I have two memories I wanted to share. When at the Liberty camp, both of our daughters came home with beautiful Mexican blankets as an incentive for doing memory verses. Memory verses and Bible quizzing are still meaningful to all of my children.
    My memory from Hughesville is Leanne’s opportunity to work with Mrs. Fry in the kitchen and she learned to make Ham Loaf and Strawberry Fluff. We still enjoy when she makes it, but we definitely had to learn to cut the recipe by more than half.
    Thank you for the rally. It was well done. I’ve had to learn to teach online and it has been quite a challenge, but being thankful and giving it to the Lord is a blessing from God.

  24. You all did a great job meeting the challenge of holding the rally as you did. Thank you for all your efforts! Seeing how the camp is growing and the future projects makes camp sound all the more exciting. Missed seeing Mrs. Fry during the rally. Bro. Beal, thank you for a good sermon. God’s blessings on you all!

  25. It was a great encouragement to me. thank you! It was good to see some familiar faces that i haven’t seen since 2013.

  26. We couldn’t get audio working on Zoom so we went with FB Live. We definitely need to get Zoom working! The kids are happy to hear about the zipline! We will be praying about the lodge! We enjoyed the whole thing!

  27. This rally was amazing!!! I got to see some of my campers and old friends from camp! It was a refreshing time both mentally and spiritually! Thank you SHC!!!

  28. I enjoyed Dr. Beal’s preaching! God used his message on worry to pinpoint two areas of worry in my life, and I was able to deal with those. Also, it was fun to see everyone’s faces over Zoom! This was a really great idea.

  29. So neat to reconnect with campers and other staff members! It was a blessing to be a part of this online youth rally. Thank you to all who were a part in making it happen!

  30. Great job last evening with the rally, I’m so happy you were able to do it! Technology is a wonderful thing and I thought you used it well and it went smoothly – more smoothly than I thought it would when I first heard of the plans. The games were engaging and fun, the plans for the future of SHCM were wonderful to hear, and praise God for the message of encouragement from Bro. Beal, I always enjoy him! Prayerfully we’ll all see each other again in person soon!

  31. Wow! This evening was great fun. Great to see the forward progress on the zip line!!! Though I joined a little later on during the rally, I really enjoyed it. So fun to see people from camp, whether it be some of my campers or other staff members. The preaching was definitely applicable to our life situations today. Thankful for the practical application of God’s Word! Also, this night allowed me and another former staff member to talk and catch up on some things, as well as spiritually encourage each other. Thanks for all the work you put into this night!

  32. It was wonderful to see how the Lord has and continues to work at Servant’s Heart! The rally was a neat way to interact with campers that I had in my cabin and staff that I served with! It was also a great way to encourage others in spiritual things! Thank you to everyone who had a part and a special thanks to brother Beal who preached what God laid on his heart!

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