I am thankful for the prayer support of so many people that faithfully pray for God’s work at Servant’s Heart Camp. Last month a dear friend of the camp handed me this card. On the front of the card it had our names, a verse, and a prayer request for us. On the front and back of the card were the dates that he prayed for us. Wow, what a BLESSING! A special thanks to each of you that pray for us and for Servant’s Heart Camp!

Mowing Equipment

Recently a church asked if there were any projects that they could help with around the camp.  We made a list of projects and they picked one, but there are still many other projects on the list.  Over the next few weeks I plan to post some of the other projects that we would love to accomplish as the funds are made available. 
The process to mow and trim everything around camp takes over 20 hours. We are looking for some ways to reduce the amount of time that we spend mowing so that we can use that time for other profitable projects around the camp.  The tractor on the top left did the majority of the mowing this past summer. The tractor was donated to us several years ago, and it is has been a huge blessing. It is not designed, however, for the difficult mowing we have around camp. The tractor on the bottom right is a sample of the type of tractor that we would like to buy. This particular one is a pre-owned 24 HP 4X4 diesel. This style of tractor is available with 60- or 72-inch mower. If we watch over the winter, we think we could purchase a nice tractor of this style for about $5,500.

If you would like to see some of the rest of the projects, CLICK HERE