Summer Bed Availability

Recently we sent our March newsletter (The Heartbeat), and I wanted to give an update on camper & bed availability for this summer. Because of the $10,00 discount for registering before April 1, this is the time of the year that we often receive lots of teen & junior camper registrations. Here is an update of how many beds, we have available for each Teen & Junior Camp. This should help you to pick a week that has sufficient availability for your church.

Teen Camp 1 – 3 girls & 9 guys
Junior Camp 1 – 12 girls and 3 guys
Teen Camp 2 – 9 girls and 9 guys
Teen Camp 3 – 20 girls & 15 guys
Junior Camp 3 – 15 girls & 21 guys
Teen Camp 3 – 24 girls and 24 guys

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