Thank You BBC

Bible Baptist arrived about 10:30 Friday morning and many of those young people and adults  worked like crazy until supper that evening and they picked up again after breakfast this morning.  Some worked on the new camp store, some worked on the dining tent, some worked on the game tent, and other did a variety of many different projects. What was predicted to be a “washout” weekend turned out to be a gorgeous two days.  The rain did not change our plans one time.  To God be the glory great things He is doing!

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  1. It was a blessing to be able to come up, and enjoy some great times, nice fellowship with some good people, plus work up a good sweat too. I love shcm, and will always keep sh in prayers. A special thanks to Mrs. Fry, as always great, delicious meals. The best people to be around is shcm. God bless, see you in July.
    In Christ Kaleb Vaughn

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