To God be the glory, great things He is doing

Many of you know that the wind took our game tent down about two weeks ago. I was praying for wisdom to know if we should buy a new tent or try to fix the old tent. I finally decided that we did not have the extra funds to buy a new tent and we would try to fix the old tent. Several days later I learned a $1,000 check was coming to help with the tent damage. I immediately started shopping for a new tent. I found a 20′ X 40′ tent for about $1,000. There was a better tent for about $1,600 but I didn’t know if we should spend the extra money. Several days later, I decided that I needed to get the tent ordered so that it would be here for this weekend’s work team. That day there were a few different people working on the property and I was explaining to the one gentlemen the difference in the tents. He asked “so you need $600 to get the tent you really want.” With that, he walked over to his vehicle and returned with (7) $100 bills. It was SO exciting to see God provide this unsolicited fund and also to see God answer my prayer for wisdom in such a specific way. To God be the glory, great things He is doing!

Drink Coffee – Support Camp

Do you enjoy a cup of quality and delicious coffee. Now you can drink coffee and support Servant’s Heart Camp all at the same time. Go to and watch the two videos at the bottom. After you watch the videos, search for Servant’s Heart Camp and make that your camp of choice. Now you are ready to order and enjoy some quality coffee! Perhaps you could share this link (and the coffee) with your friends.